Thursday, February 21, 2008

Here's a relatively random selection of my art.

Mixed Media Photography

Mixed Media Photography

Oil on canvas

Mixed Media Photography

Soft pencil on paper

Charcoal on paper

"All City: NYC Graffiti." Collage,marker, styrofoam, and ribbon on welded steel.


La Nina said...

Nice stuff, Emma! You're clearly very talented!

ashley said...

The blog looks great girl!!! beautiful stuff, i'd never seen the boot on the chair one i love it!

The Tao said...

geezus, so this is how you use your time at the office.

pretty awesome, emma.

tom said...

It was such a great surprise to receive your email about your new blog. Mostly because I had been missing a visual of your beauty in my head. The work is fantastic and your back is magnificent. I look forward to catching up soon and I agree that you love adventures. One day we will get to blend our adventures together even more then we already have.