Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Embarking on new adventures....

And thus has begun a year long adventure into Asia, starting with Thailand, making my way with Jon into Cambodia, and then ultimately into our home for the upcoming months: China. So far, many buddhas, a dumbed-down version of the black plague, elephants, monkeys, bamboo rafting, crazy tour guides, cricket-eating, waterfall viewing, motorcycle riding, 7-Eleven frequenting, training, wandering, daydreaming, botching up the Thai language, and having a ridiculously good time have all been involved.
I can't promise I'll keep y'all posted in the most up-to-date way, but check back every now and again for new posts and new pictures. You should also check out a new blog that Jon and I have newly created: "Teaching in China" @ (there's a link in the "Friends & Fun" section of this blog). This new blog will most likely be more up-to-date, and will also have more comprehensive descriptions of both of our experiences. Check it out.
Lots of love!

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