Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ultimate Art

So word got out that I like to dabble a bit in drawing here and there...meaning I outwardly advertised this blog and encouraged new Shanghai frisbee friends to check it out....and my friend Milan oh so kindly asked me to design the logo for the League jerseys. Quite the privilege. It was pretty exciting. I first designed a frog, since the Shnghai team is HuWa...a.k.a. frog (so clever, am I...'tis true).

aBut apparently that design was reserved for the full Shanghai team.....not friendly League. So I moved on to a girl jumping up for the disc, clearly skying any guy in the vicinity...hey, a girl can dream. It was liked, but not loved. Plus, I did the drawing based on memory of anatomy rather than on a picture or live model, so it looked a little forced...but still pretty cool, in my humble opinion.

Then I got a random photo from Jon, one of many frisbee photos, of a girl laying out nearly horizontal-style for the disc. Pretty badass. Scraping together a last-minute sketch with time and judgment as key pressures, I managed to produce what will now be on our jerseys. I'm pretty stoked. I'm spreading my art to the clothing and sporting industries.....sweet.

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Radhika said...

You are so talented my friend! I do love your Huwa though--so cool!

Much love,